Project for Kolkata Police
The earlier scenarioThe Kolkata Traffic Police previously lacked toilet facilities. Either they would use some nearby school or look for open spaces. As a result, they were unable to carry out their duties as recently as they would have liked.
Our installations In October 2017, Shrachi sponsored several Ecopal Bio toilets for the Kolkata Police, that got installed at major parts of the city, experiencing very high traffic.
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Project for Slum Dwellers
The earlier scenarioInnumerable families residing in the slum areas of Meghalaya lacked toilet facilities. Because of this, their hygiene suered and they were susceptible to major waterborne diseases like diarrhea, cholera, etc.
Our installations In 2017, Shrachi took on the challenge to provide adequate sanitation to the underprivileged families who did not have proper toilets. Shrachi installed a large number of Ecopal Bio Toilets to uplift the lives of people residing there.
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Project for School Children
The earlier scenarioPreviously the sanitation scenario in schools of this district was not very conducive to learning, particularly for the girl students. There were no proper toilets in most of these schools, and often students had to defecate in the open. As a result student drop out rates in the area were very high.
Our installationsShrachi installed Ecopal Bio Toilets across the district schools of Odisha during October 2017.
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Project for Mine Workers Hindalco Samri Mines
The earlier scenarioThe area had witnessed natural calamity. As a result, the toilet and sanitation facilities became really poor. There was immediate requirement to set up toilets.
Our installationsShrachi was bestowed with the responsibility of restoring proper sanitation facilities in the villages of Balramgaunge District, Chhattisgarh. Shrachi installed a number of Ecopal Bio Toilets to regenerate hygiene for all.
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