Shrachi uses path breaking pre-fab portable aerobic bio toilets at the core of its WASH MISSION, converting human waste into neutral water, through multi strain aerobic bio-media. Ecopal converts human wastes to neutral water through multi strain aerobic bacterial digestion in multi-chambered tanks.


Key Features: Entry-level Compact Model with Indian Pan | Water Tap Light with Holder | Liquid Soap Container | Cloth Hanger

Material of Construction: Steel/FRP Superstructure | FRP Biodigester

Superstructure: Length-1100mm | Breadth-1100mm Height-2000mm

Size of Biodigester Tank: Length-1100mm | Breadth-1100mm | Height-550mm

Average Usage Per Day: 30 Uses / Day / Bio Toilet

Applications: Villages | Slums | Construction Sites | Individual Households, etc


Key Features: Premium Spacious Toilet | Commode with Cistern | FRP Wash Basin PVC Hand Shower | Brass Water Tap | Cabinet Mirror | Tissue Paper with Holder Light with Holder | Liquid Soap Container | Cloth Hanger

Material of Construction: PVC / Glossed FRP | Superstructure | FRP Biodigester

Superstructure: Length-1220mm | Breadth-1220mm | Height-2000mm

Size of Biodigester Tank: Length-1300mm | Breadth-1300mm | Height-350mm

Average Usage Per Day: 30 Uses / Day / Bio Toilet

Applications: Parks | Beaches | Schools | Individual Household |Construction Sites | Bus Stands etc


Key Features: Multiple Chambers of Pans & Urinals in a Single Module as per Customer Requirement

Material of Construction: PVC Superstructure | FRP Biodigester

Superstructure: As per Customer Requirement

Size of Biodigester Tank: As per Customer Requirement

Average Usage Per Day: 30 Uses / Day / Pan

Applications: Village Community | Urban Slum | Community Schools


Automated: Door opens on coin drop, button push, on entering inside, lights operate automatically

Water Consumption: Fully automated flush system & taps

Cleaning: Pressurised wall cleaning using high pressure water jet with pre-programmed intervals

Robust and Strong: 304 Grade stainless steel

Portable: Can be lifted by crane

Spacious: 4x4 feet inside space

Online Control & Monitoring: The toilet sends usage statistics via gprs that can be sent to cleaning authority/municipal corporation, as required

Sewage Treatment: Retrofitted with our state-of-the-art Biodigester system


Technology approved under Swach Bharat Mission Guidelines

Ministry of Urban Development

Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Government of India

PMO appointed Maheslkar Committee

CII for rural schools

FICCI – Implementing Partner

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