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BTL EPC Ltd. is one of the companies under the Shrachi Group. From a humble beginning in 1966, the conglomerate has grown and diversified its business in realms of agro machinery, real estate, engineering, stationery, and sanitation. Today, the company has ventured into the water, health and sanitation realm and now provides turnkey hygiene solutions and training through its aerobic bio toilet range, Ecopal. BTL EPC Ltd has been one of the key players in this segment and have gradually become the preferred choice for its users.


Detailed overview of some of the selected prestigious projects that we have executed in the past.

Sustainable Development Goals

Shrachi supports the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. It addresses the global challenges including those related to sanitation and hygiene. Mentioned below are some of the goals we collectively join hands to achieve.


Shrachi uses path breaking pre-fab portable aerobic bio toilets at the core of its WASH MISSION, converting human waste into neutral water, through multi strain aerobic bio-media. Ecopal converts human wastes to neutral water through multi strain aerobic bacterial digestion in multi-chambered tanks.

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