About Us

BTL EPC Ltd. is one of the companies under the Shrachi Group. From a humble beginning in 1966, the conglomerate has grown and diversified its business in realms of agro machinery, real estate, engineering, stationery, and sanitation. The company's transparent policies and penchant for perfection have always satisfied shareholders and consumers alike.


For over than 25 years BTL EPC Ltd (Agro) has been catering to the requirements of small and marginal farmers in India. In all these years it has immensely contributed towards increased farm productivity and rapid mechanisation in the agrarian sector of India. The company is known to be the pioneer in introducing cost-effective power tillers in India in the early 90s. With its constant focus on improving the quality and service of its product range, the company has grown to become the leading farm machinery companies in its segment.


Lately, the company has ventured into the water, health and sanitation realm and now provides turnkey hygiene solutions and training through its aerobic bio toilet range, Ecopal. Bio-digester toilets are primarily designed to convert human excreta bio-friendly waste. BTL EPC Ltd (Agro) has been one of the key players in this segment and have gradually become the preferred choice for its users.



Our WASH concerns are about providing the following facilities

  • Eco-friendly Bio Toilets, called ECOPAL
  • Affordable water supply and purification systems
  • Hand-washing stations
  • Sanitary napkin vending machines and incinerators
  • Behavioural training and demand generation

Major issues that we aim to address through this initiative

  • Open Defecation by 60% of Indian population
  • Contamination of ground water leading to water-borne diseases
  • High mortality rate of 1000 babies per day due to Dysentery/Diarrhoea
  • Insufficient toilets in rural school, leading to high school drop-out - specially among girl students

Ways in which the major issues have been addressed by us

  • Providing 100% treatment of human waste and waste water, without manual scavenging through Bio Toilets in rural schools, slums, villages, construction sites, factory, exhibitions and more
  • Training and capacity building to educate the users about cultivating the habit of using eco-friendly facilities, helping them understand the importance of maintaining proper WASH standards for a cleaner and a safer world


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