Project for Mine Workers Hindalco Samri Mines

The earlier scenarioThe area had witnessed natural calamity. As a result, the toilet and sanitation facilities became really poor. There was immediate requirement to set up toilets.
Our installationsShrachi was bestowed with the responsibility of restoring proper sanitation facilities in the villages of Balramgaunge District, Chhattisgarh. Shrachi installed a number of Eco Clean Bio Toilets to regenerate hygiene for all.
TrainingAfter the successful installation of the Bio Toilets, the miners and labourers were imparted training on sanitation, hand-washing and use of toilet techniques.
After the calamity struck us, sanitation became a real issue as the toilets got destroyed. We are extremely thankful to Shrachi for restoring sanitation facilities in the entire area.
The current scenarioThe mines are now clean and sanitary. As a result the mine workers and their families are healthier, happier and less prone to disease.
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